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LAYLA (Short Film)

LOOK/LISTEN (Short Film)

A girl finds herself in a strange corridor, watching her life unfold before her eyes.
Layla - Emily Bickerdike 
Husband - Sam Coggin
Elderly Layla - Jill Cox
Elderly Husband - Malcom Cox
Young Layla - Ruby Perrin
Layla's Young Daughter - Harriet
Mother - Jodie Perrin
Father - Connah Ross Lilleyman
Layla's Daughter - Grace Costall
Wedding Extra 1 - Theo Fells
Wedding Extra 2 - Jane Haigh
Wedding Extra 3 - Adam Nisbet
Directed by Harris Tomlinson-Spence & Henry Haigh
Written by Joe Gilbert
Produced by Henry Haigh, Harris Tomlinson-Spence & Joe Gilbert
First Assistant Director - Theo Fells
Director of Photography - Harris Tomlinson-Spence
Sound Recordist - Matt Hughes
Camera Assistant - Oliver Pearson Pajtra
Editor - Harris Tomlinson-Spence
Composers - Martynas Lau & Ross Bugden
Prop Master - Zoe Tomlinson
Set Dresser - Matt Hughes
VFX Editor - Oliver Pearson Pajtra
Additional Design - Georgia Tomlinson-Spence
Production Assistant - Alfie Gadsby Kane
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