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As of March 2020, production on Dirty Sparks was suspended due to COVID-19. We hope to continue production during 2022 for a 2023 release.

A rock 'n' roll coming of age story
Megan Challinor - Molly
Daniel S. Thrace - Toby
Jack D'Arcy - Danny
Callum Weatherill - Galen
Andy Heaton - Allan Christmas
Police Officers:
 Ella Terasa
Mark Thomson
Daniela Pae
Alfie Gadsby Kane
Gig Attendees:
Karam Sandher
Lucy Zalbot
Michael Webster
Lauren Saxon
Tom Wills
Alex Lower
Bethany Hootch
Daniel Michael Hermon
Simone Armstrong
Directed by A. Alexander Smith
Written by A. Alexander Smith and Katie Weatherill
Produced by Jack Denton
Co-produced by Harris Tomlinson-Spence
First Assistant Director - Katie Weatherill
Director of Photography - Harris Tomlinson-Spence
Production Designer - Olivia Parkinson
Editor - Matt Hughes
Location Sound - Adam Nisbet
Sound Mixer - Josh Porter
First Assistant Camera - Alfie Gadsby Kane
Second Assistant Camera - Lucy Simons-Weston
Colourist - Oliver Hardingham
Stills Photographer - Henry Haigh
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